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KAREN WINNER is in private practice as an attorney. She is also the nationally-acclaimed author of the exposé, Divorced From Justice, (Harper Collins, 1996)  and comes to the practice of law as an investigative journalist and legal reformer.  Her findings have been extensively quoted in the national press. In the words of famed trial attorney Gerry Spence, “The failure of the justice system stands naked in this shiveringly revealing book by Karen Winner.”

Karen Winner wrote the original Statement of Client Rights that all New York attorneys are required to post in their offices. When Ms. Winner served as a New York City Department of Consumer Affairs policy analyst, her work was credited with initiating historic, sweeping reforms in New York to curb the predatory practices of unscrupulous divorce attorneys. Karen Winner comes to the practice of law with extensive experience as an investigative reporter and analyst on complex government-legal matters. 

The Law Office of Karen Winner represents clients in a variety of areas that involve consumer, civil and legal rights. We have handled documentation issues for therapists with their insurance companies, and have protected debtor rights. We have extensive experience in select areas of divorce and family law, including property division in divorce. For women in business, we advise  how to divorce proof” their businesses, with prenuptial agreements and other legal strategies.  We also handle “tort” claims in general litigation, such as breach of fiduciary duty claims and elder abuse, in estate cases.  With Karen’s extensive background in investigative journalism, we conduct  fact-investigations and customized research for businesses, such as interviewing witnesses.  We also represent plaintiffs with legal malpractice claims (when lawyers financially damage their clients by misrepresenting or neglecting their interests). Karen Winner also offers consultations nationwide regarding attorney-client disputes. In New York, The Law Office of Karen Winner negotiates attorney-client disputes. We have experience representing  the plaintiff’s and defendant’s side in these matters. We offer attorneys and their former clients a way of staying out of court and avoiding arbitration concerning these sensitive issues.

In addition to her law practice, Karen Winner has joined the faculty at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, in Manhattan, New York where she is teaching a new course on financial fraud in divorce.


Financial Fraud in Divorce

Before she became a lawyer, Karen Winner first gained national attention for her extraordinary hard-hitting investigations on behalf of victims of lawyer abuse and legal fee exploitation.

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High Net Worth Divorce

One partner’s ongoing dominance can potentially do substantial harm to the other’s economic prospects well before the marriage begins to fail.

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Speaking Engagements

Author Karen Winner Esq. testifies before the New York Commission on Statewide Attorney Discipline in 2015. Karen is available for speaking engagements.

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Karen Winner conducts live seminars in New York and online focusing on legal matters in the areas of divorce and more.

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Karen's Book

Karen Winner’s groundbreaking exposé of the flagrant denials of due process and judicial abuses inflicted on women in our family courts is a clarion call for legislative action." - U.S. CONGRESSMAN JERROLD NADLER

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Attorney-Client Disputes

If the client who hired the lawyer in the video above had first hired us to check the lawyer's retainer agreement, she would not have been charged more than $300 an hour for faxing.

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