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Karen Winner, an attorney and legal consumer advocate, passionately protects people’s rights.  She champions the rights of the vulnerable against powerful interests.  Before she became a lawyer,  Ms. Winner earned a name for herself as a nationally acclaimed author of Divorced From Justice: The Abuse of Women and Children by Divorce Lawyers and Judges, which exposed a divorce industry fueled by greed, favoritism and self-interest. The book was based in part on a report she wrote as an investigative writer and former policy analyst for the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs.  Her style of watchdog journalism on matters of public concern resulted in significant reforms in New York, California, and South Carolina. 

In her law practice, Karen Winner has briefed multiple cases before the Supreme Court in New York and Appellate Divisions, on a wide variety of topics.

In addition to her law practice, Karen Winner has joined the faculty at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, in Manhattan, New York where she is teaching a new course on financial fraud in divorce.

Ms. Winner is the original author of the Statement of Client Rights (New York’s Court Rules, 22 NYCRR 1210.1).

Karen Winner has appeared extensively in the media. On the need for transparency and government accountability in the nation’s family courts, Ms. Winner has appeared on   CNN,  Court TV, Inside Edition, The Today Show, Geraldo, and has been interviewed by Diane Rehm, Joan Hamburg, Brian Lehrer,  among others.  Her articles on consumer and social justice issues were syndicated nationwide by American News Service through Knight-Ridder Newspapers.

Karen Winner is an active writer and speaker. She has spoken at the American Psychological Association, various NOW Chapters, and lectures for civic groups and colleges, nationwide.

Karen Winner has served as an expert in legal consumer issues, and  testified at the Committee to Examine Lawyer Conduct in Matrimonial Actions, in New York, in 1992, which was charged with investigating the lack of consumer protections for litigants in divorce in New York.

Ms. Winner is licensed to practice law in the State of New York. She is also admitted to the  Federal District Court for the Southern District in New York. She is an active member of the New York State Bar Association.

Public praise Ms. Winner has received:

“Karen Winner is [the] catalyst for the changes that we adopted.”

former Chief Administrative Judge of the State of New York


“Karen is much in the tradition of Mother Jones… I hold her in enormous regard for her talents and intellect as well as her character. She is a superb investigative reporter, an excellent writer and a kind and caring human being with a rare ability for helping the persons whose paths she crosses to ‘actualize’ themselves.”

book author, The Doctors’ Case Against the Pill
& co-founder of the National Women’s Health Network


“Karen Winner’s groundbreaking exposé of the flagrant denials of due process and judicial abuses inflicted on women in our family courts is a clarion call for legislative action.”



Know Your Rights

New York is one of the six states in the nation that do not allow the public to know if an attorney has been disciplined for dishonesty, or mishandling client money, or for any other serious ethics violations, until after a public disciplinary sanction has been formally issued against an attorney... (more)

Statement of Client Rights

You have a right to discuss the proposed rates and retainer fee with your lawyer and you have the right to bargain about the fees before you sign the agreement, as in any other contract. You have the right to know how many attorneys and other...(more)