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The Price Hillary Must Pay For Reaching for the Top

Watching Hillary Clinton ascend to the threshold of the Presidency of the United States is awesome because of her sheer mental strength. She has born the gigantic cost of a woman reaching for the top. She’s been attacked every step

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The Stigma of Changing Attorneys

If you are in a divorce proceeding,  there may come a time when you decide to change attorneys. You might have good reason to change attorneys: maybe the attorney didn’t file papers on time, or won’t return your calls, or

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When It Comes To Divorce Lawyers’ Legal Fees, Silence Isn’t Golden

WHEN IT COMES TO DIVORCE LAWYERS’  LEGAL FEES, SILENCE ISN’T GOLDEN  by Karen Winner New York divorce lawyers have dusted off a 300-year-old archaic, merchant law in order to obtain quick and easy judgments for unpaid legal fees against unwary

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