Former Reporter Judges the Judges

The Westsider
October 31, 1996
by Al Amateau

An assignment on a story about a custody case While she was a reporter on The Westsider and Chelsea Clinton News in 1988 has evolved into a crusading  passion and career springboard for Karen Winner.

Her book, “Divorced From Justice: The Abuse of Women and Children by Divorce Lawyers,” was published this month by Regan Books, a HarperCollins imprint, and Winner is touring cities across the country to promote the book – and the cause of justice for women and children involved in divorce.

“Little did I know how that story would çonsume me for the next eight years,” she said to a friend visiting her on teh Lower East Side during a recent break in the book tour.

Winner is so deeply involved in her subject that she has established a site on the Internet at where women unjustly treated by divorce lawyers and judges can go for more information and to share experience.

The lively 329-page book, with…

…see WINNER, Page 19